NPI Community Circles

The NPI Membership Committee invites NPI members to participate in a Community Circle (formerly called “Wisdom Circle”). The NPI Membership Committee invites NPI members to participate in a Community Circle. Designed to build connections and strengthen community, small groups (8-10) of NPI members will meet monthly and share personal stories in a profound and powerful way. There is no charge for participation and the commitment is for 6 months. Dates, times, and locations of circles will be determined by the number of people interested in participating, and their preferences. This is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, deepen old friendships, and gain wisdom about yourself.
Read the comments below to hear more about the Circle experience from colleagues who participated in our May 1 Circle, facilitated by Tammy Roth.
You’re welcome to contact Cathy Hernbeck ( or 615-604-9779) for more information or to sign up for a Circle.
“Circle is a place to listen to others and notice what is touched in you, as you are present with their stories. It is a place where inner wisdom bubbles up inside you as you are touched by the questions that are asked, by the responses of others in the room, by connecting with the experiences that others share. And it is a place to be heard, a place where you have permission to share and know that others want to hear you, and they will really and truly listen to you. ” Cathy Hernbeck
“It was magical the way that the morning unfolded, with everyone sharing so openly, being so real, and falling so naturally into the process. The love and compassion in the room were intense. My heart was changed, Yes, I wanted to do this again.” Lindsay Vaughn
“My favorite line from the movie “Avatar” was “I see you”. I think it is the most profound expression of real love I have ever heard. And so the gift of this wisdom circle was that I felt truly seen and able to truly see. Therapists emerged as people with interesting and important stories, people seeking genuine connection, and people willing to risk being vulnerable to create authentic community.” Leslie Ratliff