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April 13-14, 2019
Early Intervention – 2-Day Advanced Training

For therapists trained in EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic training
Offered by E. C. Hurley, DMin, PhD, CEO, EMDR-Tennessee

This EMDR Early Intervention (EEI) training offers training in the Recent -Traumatic Events Protocol (R-TEP) and Group-Traumatic Events Protocols (G-TEP) developed by Elan Shapiro & Bruit Laub for the purpose of equipping EMDR trained therapists to respond to the needs of survivors of natural and man-made disasters. The R-TEP protocol allows EMDR providers to treat persons experiencing over-whelming recent events with both individual and group EMDR treatment.  The G-TEP has been used in treating groups of disaster survivors at the same time.  EMDR trained providers will gain valuable resources enabling them to serve their communities during times of disaster providing treatment with immediacy and proximity – core issues in treating stress related problems. The presenter has utilized these protocols in treating survivors of combat stress, as well as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires and persons who witnessed suicidal acts. His experiences are integrated with the training along with live demonstrations and videos.

Time: Registration 8:30 am, Training 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location:  Soldier Center, 2219 Lowes Drive, Clarksville, TN 37040
Fee:$225.00 Limited number of participants, early registration is encouraged
Info and Registration: https://www.emdr-tennessee.com/emdr-early-intervention.html

April 25, 2019
The Sexual Assault Center is hosting two events to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month on Thursday, April 25:

Breakfast featuring Kenny Anderson, head basketball coach at Fisk and former NBA player
When: 7:30 am – 8:45 am
Cost: FREE attend with a donation option

Lunch featuring Kassie Powell, one of the “sister survivors” from Michigan State/Larry Nassar and Dr. Shree Walker from MNPS
When: 11:30 am-12:45 pm
Cost: $125

Please contact me at amylazarovcounseling@gmail.com if you have any questions and/or interest. Would love for anyone interested to join me at my table (I will definitely be at the breakfast and possibly be at the lunch).

Register for Breakfast:
Tickets for Lunch:

May 6, 2019
Complex Trauma and Dissociation in Youth: A Comprehensive Training
Brought to you by the author of Healing the Fractured Child (Fran Waters), this 4-day comprehensive training covers evaluation and treatment of dissociation in children and youth.

Children with complex trauma often present with perplexing and disturbing symptoms that persist even after numerous treatment attempts, typically resulting in multiple diagnoses and medications. These children often display severe attachment disturbances and exacerbating behaviors that result in in repetitive failed placements (e.g., foster and adoptive homes, psychiatric residential/acute hospital stays).  Frequently, the missing and overlooked link to successful treatment with children of complex trauma is their dissociative symptoms that profoundly impact their mood, behavior, identity, memory, sensations and attachments.

Participants will learn:
How to detect and diagnose dissociation in children with complex trauma
How to discern other more commonly known diagnoses from those with dissociation (differential diagnoses)
Specialized techniques to work with self-states for stabilization, empowerment, and expanding children’s window of tolerance
Work with self-states that have disruptive behaviors, and attachment disturbances
Strategies for trauma processing across all of self-states
To effectively integrate the dissociative child

Fran S. Waters is a licensed clinical social worker and marriage and family therapist in private practice in Marquette, MI. She provides services to individuals, couples, and families with a variety of challenges.

Patti van Eys, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Chief Clinical Officer of Omni Visions, Inc. where she oversees the clinical and quality integrity of therapeutic practice with foster children in resource homes and residential treatment centers. Dr. van Eys has trained extensively at the local, regional, and national level in the area of child maltreatment and child mental health issues. She is a published author in the area of child maltreatment.

WHERE:  Hyatt Place Nashville Airport
721 Royal Parkway
Nashville, TN 37214
WHEN:  May 6 – May 10 (four-day comprehensive training)
COST:  $895 (until April 9); $995 (after April 9)
PROGRAM and REGISTRATION:  https://omnicareinstitute.com/courses/comprehensive-training-on-diagnosing-and-treating-traumatized-children-and-adolescents-with-dissociation/

May 10, 2019
Professional Development Opportunity
Dan Goldstein and Renee Burwell will be hosting the first “Salon” of the Music City Chapter of the American Academy of Psychotherapists,welcoming Nashville-area therapists who are motivated by personal growth and value authentic interpersonal engagement.

Participants will have the opportunity to network and enjoy refreshments and a light dinner, followed by a 2.5 hour process group. This group will revolve around the theme: “Insatiable: Hunger for Connection.” Attendees will explore their own ambivalence between their longing for connection and fear of rejection. A Q & A session about AAP will close out the evening.

When:  May 10, 2019, between 5 pm and 9 pm
Where:Offices of Nashville Psych in Hillsboro Village at 2200 21st Avenue S, Suite 306
Cost:There is no chargefor this event, but please RSVP to Dan Goldstein at dan@nashvillepsych.com.


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