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December 6, 2019
Innovations in Eating Disorder Research and Treatment
Want to learn more about advances in the field of Eating Disorders and gain 2.5 CE credits for FREE? Join us for this amazing opportunity co-sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Southeast Psych Nashville on December 6th! Dr. Bermudez and Dr. Easton from ERC will teach about Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder as well as Emotionally Focused Therapy for Eating Disorders. Sign up by clicking the link below. Space is limited!


Begins January 3, 2020 (First & Third Friday of the month)
Clinical & Theological Reflection Case Consultation Group
There are 2-3 spots available for this ongoing case consultation group for licensed (or temporary licensed) therapists of all types. The Group is intended to provide peer consultation as well as an ecumenical case consultation for depth, meaning, assessment & utilization of spiritual resources. We will deal with issues of diagnosis and treatment planning but will go beyond this to look at the deeper meanings, existential and spiritual themes as well as spiritual resources.
When:  2:00 – 3:30 pm
Where:  The Counseling Center at Belle Meade UMC, 121 Davidson Road, Nashville, TN 37205
Cost:  N/A
In addition to providing peer support, reflection and consultation on differential diagnoses, difficult cases, and treatment planning, this group should help with:
1. A broadening of appreciation for diverse points of view by reviewing a variety of cases with a diverse group of participants and engaging in dialogue and reflection with a range of ethnic, socio-economic, and religious perspectives.
2. Gaining an awareness of how to listen for the spiritual story of their clients and learn how to integrate that story with other aspects of therapy.
3. growth in an understanding of the therapist’s own spiritual and religious traditions and learn when and how to appropriately draw on these for the benefit of their clients.

While there is no cost to participate in the group and there are no minimum sessions to attend, the goal of the group is to create supportive environment for peer learning and growth. Regular participation will help facilitate this. After the initial group is set, new group members may be added periodically.
Meetings will primarily involve sharing of case material by group members. Participants will be encouraged to reflect and share personally on their own traditions, learning, and challenges. Due to the nature of case material shared and personal sharing, participants must be able to be respectful of other group members and case material.
Confidentiality of case material presented, and personal sharing of group members is of utmost importance. Group members will be given a general format for preparing case material presented to the group. In all case presentations, Participants should seek to protect potentially identifying information. In the rare case that a client being presented is recognized by another participant, that participant may be excused from the conversation.

For more information: Case-Consultation-Group-1-page-Promo-Flyer-2020
Contact:  Chris O’Rear at Chris@CounselingatBMUMC.com

Jan. 5, 12, 19, & 26, 2019
HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons) Group
A combination of psychoeducation, support group, and interpersonal process, the HSP Group is designed to benefit both therapists and non-therapists who identify as having Highly Sensitive Personality. Each session I give a brief didactic piece about HSP and then we open the group to sharing and interpersonal process.  Because this is a small group (5-6), participants must commit to attending all four sessions.

When: Sunday afternoons from 2:00-3:30pm
Where:  Laura Kreiselmaier’s Office Group Room
Cost:  $60/group = $240 total (Registration due Dec. 23)
More information:  Visit  http://kreiselmaiertherapy.com/hsp-group/

January 10-12, 2020
Unraveling the “Survival Knot.”
Earn 21 CEUs at a three-day highly experiential Clinical Training, which will take place on January 10-12, 2020, in Durham, North Carolina.

The “Survival Knot” is the most treacherous territory of a couple’s relationship. It is the unconscious, and yet essential agenda, embedded in the “problem” with which they appear in the office of the therapist. Witness my step-by-step, systematic roadmap to “unravel” the relational impasse, where one person’s anguished desperation meets the other person’s dogged resistance, and vice versa. Learn how Encounter-centered Couples Therapy liberates the growth potential of the relationship.

My work today is the crystallization of 40 years of work as a psychotherapist, as well as the integration of everything that I have learned in my “clinical couples lab” established 25 years ago, and in my own “private living lab” with my husband Yumi, established 53 years ago.

For more Information and Registration:
Visit www.HedySchleifer.com

Friday January 10 – Monday January 13, 2020
Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training: Beginning I
Nashville, TN
This four-day Beginning I training module is the first of eight modules constituting the Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training and is open to those enrolling for the full Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner certificate program. If you are unsure about applying for the full Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training, we invite you to first attend one of our introductory workshops to help you determine if the full training program is for you.

Beginning I Course Objectives:
* Understand the physiological basis of trauma and identify how maladaptive physiological responses to threat, and their lack of resolution, may contribute to the formation of PTSD symptoms.
* Track sensory and sensory-motor experience in clients and convert other elements of experience into sensory and sensory-motor experience.
* Demonstrate working through disorganized sensory and sensory-motor experience using the concepts of orientation, stabilization, containment, resourcing, titration, pendulation, and self-regulation to discharge un-discharged arousal in order to help organism return to homeostasis.
* Identify adaptive and maladaptive physiology of activation and deactivation in animals and human beings exposed to threat and its aftermath, such as incomplete orienting and defensive responses of fight, flight, and freeze.
*Demonstrate working with language that supports the tracking of sensation.

To Apply for the 3 Year Professional Training Program:
All prospective students for the 3 Year Professional Training Program must FIRST complete the Professional Training Application. Visit www.traumahealing.org/learn-se/ to find the application and learn more about the program.  Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be invited to register and pay for your Beginning I Training Module.

2020 Weekend Experiential Therapy Group Intensives
Hearing the Body – Healing the Mind:
For Survivors of Trauma and Loss  With Joan Furman, MSN, AHN-BC, CET III

January 17, 18 and 19, 2020
April 10, 11 and 12, 2020
July 24, 25 and 26, 2020
October 16, 17 and 18, 2020

When trauma is experienced it affects emotional, mental and physical health and increases the likelihood of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, addiction and relationship difficulties.  Experiential therapies (psychodrama, art, movement and other somatic work, meditation, music, etc) assist in the healing of trauma and loss and take the work beyond the thinking brain to the body and the mind where we were injured.

Who is invited? Individuals who are or have been in therapy. If you are not a client of Joan’s, you will need to schedule one individual session with Joan prior to registering.   Following the workshop, you will return to your therapist with a continuing care plan.
Schedule: Friday, 10 (9:45) to 5 PM, Saturday 9 to 5 and Sunday 9 to 5.
Cost: $800 with a card.  If you pay by check or cash the fee is reduced to $775. Registration: Your deposit of $375 must be paid to hold your place.  Group size is limited to 8.  Register by calling 615-500-6998.
Deposit policies:  Deposit is nonrefundable.  It is transferable until 30 days before day one of the workshop with a $100 transfer fee to another workshop.  Within 30 days of day one of the workshop, deposit is not transferable or refundable.   The balance is due on the first day of the workshop.   Please inform me if you need a payment plan.
Comfort: Refreshments will be provided. We will break for you to leave for lunch each day. Only closed containers of water, tea or coffee are allowed in the group room. Please dress comfortably for movement, and in layers.  Please dress mindfully for safety of the group: no spandex, clinging or revealing clothing etc.  Inform me of any physical limitations or special needs that you have. 
2323 21st Ave. S, Suite 300 (CORNER 21ST AND LINDEN) Nashville, TN 37212


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