NPI Committees

Reasons to Join an NPI Committee

  • Connection – Working on a committee is a wonderful way to meet and get to know other NPI members.
  • Contribution – Volunteering your time is being of service to other NPI members and furthers the mission of the organization.
  • Personal Growth – Planning, implementing and collaborating with colleagues to achieve a meaningful goal is a satisfying learning experience.
  • Professional Growth – Psychotherapists, counselors and psychiatrists make referrals to practitioners whom they know and trust.  Becoming active in NPI is a way to informally advertise your services.
  • Fun – Volunteering to work along side smart and caring colleagues is gratifying.

NPI Development Committee

The NPI Development Committee is dedicated to the financial soundness of the organization. This involves the creation and ongoing maintenance and evaluation of revenue generating activities. Their work includes the creation of guidelines and selling of sponsorships to NPI programming, identifying opportunities to increase sales of new memberships to the larger community and other fundraising activities.

NPI Membership Committee

The NPI Membership Committee is dedicated to recruiting, introducing, and sustaining NPI members through outreach, planned social events, and social/networking activities.  The committee strategizes ways to increase membership numbers and membership involvement.

NPI Programming Committee

The mission of the NPI Programming Committee is to organize, plan, and execute continuing education activities that meet the needs of the organization’s members.  NPI members and psychotherapists in the greater Nashville community are targeted for attendance at all activities, and the Programming Committee aims to financially benefit the organization while providing quality speakers at a workshop rate that is accessible to all community psychotherapists.  The Programming Committee is responsible for Monthly Luncheon Programming, The Jennie Adams Spring Workshop (May), The Jules Seeman Fall Symposium (October), and the Connections Retreat (February/March).

NPI Scholarship Committee

Closely aligned with the Programming Committee, the NPI Scholarship Committee is dedicated to developing psychotherapists within the community who are committed to furthering their knowledge in the practice of psychotherapy. NPI recognizes that the cost of continuing education is often an obstacle to persons attending events that would nurture their growth. The NPI Scholarship Fund was developed to minimize these financial barriers by offering scholarships to applicants who demonstrate need.

NPI Social Justice Committee

The NPI Social Justice Committee is dedicated to providing the organization’s membership with educational opportunities in diversity for greater self-awareness and greater multi-cultural proficiency, promoting honest investigation and conversation within the membership and with the larger community.  The role of the committee in the broadest sense is the active engagement by the NPI membership in the eradication of the plagues of racism, sexism and sexual repression.  

NPI Website Committee

The NPI Website committee is dedicated to keeping information regarding NPI events up-to-date and visually pleasing and to serving the community at large with a current database of NPI therapists.  Secondarily, the committee is continually looking for ways to involve the NPI community in the information flow of ideas.  This includes encouraging NPI members to contribute articles and essays to post on the website along with reading the written work of others and engaging through commentary and dialogue.

Interested in joining an NPI Committee or talking with a committee member about how you might contribute?  Contact NPI Executive Coordinator, Melissa Vickroy at  Melissa will forward your communication to the appropriate Committee Chair/Co-chair.