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College Readiness Group (Begins June 2024)
Graduation is a big milestone and represents a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. As you prepare to close this chapter of your life, you might find yourself contemplating the next steps with a mix of excitement, apprehension, and curiosity. Moving to college can evoke a range of emotions—from eagerness and uncertainty about the unknowns ahead. It’s perfectly normal to oscillate between enthusiasm and doubts about your decisions. There is a lot to process.

Brentwood Counseling Associates is pleased to offer a College Readiness Group designed to support you as you navigate this transition to college. This group will bring together incoming college students over six weeks in June and July. Our sessions will focus on cultivating essential skills like time management, exploring personal values and interests, establishing healthy boundaries with roommates, and developing strategies to cope with stress.

For more details, including specific dates and registration information, please visit We’re excited to accompany you on this new journey and help you thrive during this transition. Join us to enhance your skills and make the most of your college experience!
Dialetical Behavioral Therapy Skills Training (new August 2023)
We are all ultimately seeking happiness and to decrease our suffering. It is especially difficult during these times to believe that we are valuable, lovable and have a hope of happiness.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Training will help you build a life worth living and recognize your value, so you can practice loving kindness for yourself. DBT skills training is a course for coping strategies. The skills help you to find the present moment, increase negotiation, manage emotions, and survive crisis situations within yourself. We are all seeking hope, compassion, and wellness. Pre-treatment Assessments are available. The group includes 4 courses. Each course lasts 8 weeks. The group will be held in person one time a month and the remaining weeks will be virtual.

Please contact me at (615) 604–5527, by email at or through You will find me on psychology today under: Wendy Foster 37043.

Location: Clarksville, TN 37043
Time: Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm
Recovery from Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse

Are you struggling with depression and/or anxiety due to spiritual abuse? Are you struggling with a sense of isolation and loneliness from losing your faith community? Do you feel misunderstood and minimized? Are you struggling with pervasive feelings of guilt and shame? Are you having a hard time understanding and reconciling your sexuality with the teachings of a particular religion? Have you experienced relationship fallout due to spiritual abuse and religious disagreement or trauma? Have you been experiencing nightmares or terrifying thoughts due to spiritual abuse? If you are an adult struggling with the impacts of religious trauma, please know that you are not alone. This group may be for you. This is a closed group limited to 6 members where we will openly discuss and process our relationship to religion and spirituality. We will be working towards building a renewed sense of identity, having a place for honest feedback, and experiencing the shared struggles of people with similar stories.

When: Thursdays from 4:00 – 5:30 pm
Where: The Greystone Retreat, 2710 Greystone Road
Facilitator: Brian T. Murphy
More Information & Contact: ; 615-656-8928 (call or text)

DBT skills training group

Weekly 90-min. group to learn coping skills in the 4 DBT modules of mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. Great for clients who struggle with intense emotions and urges. Includes skills for clients with substance use disorders. Requirements are that members be in individual therapy, and that they commit to completing all 4 units (approx. 6-7 months).

WHEN: Tuesdays from 6:00 – 7:30 eight consecutive weeks beginning February 12th
WHERE:  4535 Harding Rd., Ste 200, Nashville, TN 37205
CONTACT: Phone/text: (615) 645-2296 Email:

Tennessee LPC-MHSP Licensure Support Group on Facebook

Are you a recent Counseling graduate? New to the Counseling licensure process? 

I invite you to join the Tennessee LPC-MHSP Licensure Support Group on Facebook at

Here you will find support and encouragement for new graduates and mental health professionals in Tennessee in the licensure process. The goal is to provide a safe environment to support each other in the midst of struggles and triumphs in the licensure process. We’re here to encourage and support you and have some cool things brewing for 2019. 

Join us! Let’s keep the positivity and good vibes going! 

Carla Archuletta
National Certified Counselor
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
EMDR Advanced Trained
PO Box 3721
Brentwood, TN 37024
Advanced Process Group

This is a group for adults who are currently in individual therapy or who have done a significant amount of their own work. Rather than being theme or issue oriented, this group deals with any and all facets of life. The goal is to heal and deepen the relationship with self and others through group process. The style of the group is informed by Modern Analytic Group Psychotherapy, and will be facilitated by Michael Murphy who is a Certified Group Psychotherapist.

When: Thursdays 5:00 – 6:30 pm
Cost:  $60.00 per session
Location: 205 Powell Place, Brentwood, TN 37027
Michael Murphy: (615) 370-3701


Exploring the Divine Feminine Goddess Circle

Email for a flyer with more information.  Join other women seeking spiritual community that values the Divine Feminine in a safe and sacred space.  I have had a few requests for a therapist/healer’s circle with a special focus on self-care and spiritual nourishment.  I’d be happy to add another monthly women’s circle for therapists if there is enough interest.
WHEN: We will meet monthly starting November 8th, 5:30-7:00
WHERE: at my office building and moving to Art & Soul in December.
CONTACT: Please email questions and referrals to 

Interpersonal Process Group

I would like to announce the opening of an interpersonal process group, which will take place on Wednesday mornings at 8:15 am and will last 75 minutes. The cost will be $90 per person. Group membership shall not be limited by diagnoses, yet suitable referrals shall include individuals whose difficulties center on interpersonal issues, including but not limited to conflict avoidance, difficulty with social/emotional vulnerability, or difficulty demonstrating empathy. If not in weekly individual therapy, group members should be followed by a mental health professional. Please contact me at  to discuss potential referrals to the group.

WHEN: Wednesdays, 8:15 – 10:00 am
COST: $90 per person
CONTACT: or 615-955-0322