HOST Program

NPI Host Program FAQs

What is the purpose of the Host Program?

Showing up at a professional event filled with unfamiliar faces can be daunting. NPI Membership Committee is piloting a new program to strengthen the sense of community at NPI events by giving attendees the opportunity to be paired with an NPI Host – an established NPI member who will welcome them and facilitate connection at the event.

How does it work?

Upon event registration, any attendee can request an NPI Host by clicking a checkbox on their registration. The week of the event, these guests will be paired with a Host. That Host will reach out to their guests prior to the event to introduce themselves and will be on the lookout for the guest at event registration. Hosts will typically sit with their guest, introduce them to other attendees, and generally facilitate networking at the event.

Is this program available for every NPI event?

This program is currently being launched only for in-person CEU events such as workshops and monthly luncheons, where it can be more challenging to get to know people due to the structured nature of the event.

Is this a mentorship program?

This is NOT a mentorship program – it’s not intended to be a long-term or formal commitment. We hope that this program may help facilitate some lasting connections, but there is no expectation or obligation for anything past the individual event.

Who can be paired with an NPI Host – is it only for folks who are new to NPI?

No! Anyone who wants to get more connected to our community can request an NPI Host – and they can do this as many times as they like. Attendees may benefit from this program for any of the following reasons and more:

  • it’s their first NPI event ever
  • it’s their first NPI event in a long time following a hiatus
  • they’re feeling uncomfortable showing up to an event blind and would be reassured knowing there will definitely be someone to connect with
  • they want to establish some connections with NPI members so they can feel more a part of our community

I want to participate as a guest to be paired with an NPI Host! What do I do next?

It’s easy! Just sign up on the registration page for any upcoming CEU event you’d like to attend. If you missed it the first time around and already registered, just email us, and we will make sure you’re signed up.

I’m interested in volunteering as a Host! What do I do next?

To learn more about your role and sign up to be on our list, please visit:

Questions or comments?

Please email NPI Membership Committee Co-Chairs:

Laura Fritzsche: 

Lauren Kelley: