The Nashville Psychotherapy Institute has dedicated itself to the promotion and growth of excellence in the mental, emotional and physical health care of the individuals of which it serves. In order to achieve this end, one of our responsibilities is the provision of quality professional mentoring to its members.



A mentor is an adviser, teacher or coach. A mentor is not a clinical supervisor.



Any member of NPI in good standing can register as a mentor.

Any member of NPI in good standing can request a mentor.


Time Frame:

The number of meetings should be no more than three meetings (with variability dependent upon situations) within a period of time decided by the mentor/mentee.



  • The mentoring process is one to three meetings between mentor and mentee.
  • The mentoring process is a positive experience.
  • The dialogue is around the process of becoming established in the discipline, license, setting or interest area of the mentee. The mentor shares the experience and knowledge gained along their professional path.
  • It is up to the mentor/mentee to schedule meetings.


To Be a Mentor:

On your NPI website profile, click the box MENTOR!


To Have a Mentor:

Review the list of mentors on the website.  Give the mentor you would like a call and ask his or her availability.  If you have difficulty finding the right mentor for you, email Anna Rushworth, NPI Executive Coordinator, by clicking HERE.