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“How to Care for the Self in a World of Fear”

Presented by Julia McAninch, PsyD and Roy Hutton, MA, MS, PhD

Program Description:
As we face the unknown of our political environment we are holding many thoughts and feelings for ourselves, our clients, and the world around us.  Come connect with colleagues through a facilitated dialogue on what you are holding about the political climate, how this is impacted by your clinical work, and the ways you are releasing some of that holding.  This will be an open space that allows all voices to be heard as a bridge to connection and empathy, some of our most powerful tools to navigate what we are holding.
Presenter Bios:
Roy Hutton
My work is rooted in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and family systems theory in a combination tailored to the needs of my patient.  I am committed to helping individuals and families identify the least drastic means to achieve the most durable change.  Psychotherapy is most practical when grounded in a psychodynamic understanding of the person-in-community. Each of us has a history, a dream for the future, and the task of maintaining a sense of well-being in the present, in the place where we live. The past is important to understand for it is the crucible that forms our identity, our hopes, and our fears. The future is important in providing direction to our present actions.  
Julia McAninch
These are heavy emotional times to be a mental health professional.  In my work with individuals, families, and communities the context of the world in which we live is ever-present and discussed directly to better understand what has been experienced historically and influencing the present moment.  Much of my work is centered around problem solving and navigating differences in the midst of conflict.  Through empathic listening, vulnerability, and connection, there is potential for moving forward.



This is a VIRTUAL EVENT using the Zoom Platform. Attendees will receive a link to join the Zoom meeting on Thursday, November 12th, along with any support materials provided by the presenter.