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About this event:

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Scarritt Bennett Center 2nd Floor, Bennett Hall 1008 19th Ave. South Nashville, TN 37212
USD 30.00

“Surviving in a Matrix Organization: Issues & Concerns,”

Presenter:  Mary Berlin

SPONSOR:  Bridge to Recovery

Scarritt Bennett Center
2nd Floor, Bennett Hall
1008 19th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212
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Program Description:
Come and build your knowledge base! You could learn how to survive in a matrix organization, the three components of adaptability and why it is such a sought-after skill, what differentiates between high potentials and high performers, and other ways you can contribute to your client’s professional development.

Mary Berlin owns a consulting practice that specializes in organization and leadership development. She has worked in organizations for the past thirty years providing strategic planning, team development, selection, individual assessment, coaching, organization assessment and redesign across a variety of industries. She has also been responsible for developing managers and leaders both in individual and team sessions.

Jennie Adams, a founding member of NPI, once described Mary as an amphibian because she is comfortable working in so many different environments at all levels, and her experience certainly reflects this belief. She has led group development initiatives for organizations such as hospitals, universities, churches, synagogues, social service agencies, manufacturing conglomerates, tech companies, and family owned businesses just to name a few. Mary has worked with folks at all levels within organizations, from C-suite level guys, and they are mostly guys, all the way to the men and women on the line making the hip replacements we will all someday need. Mary has worked with country music stars, MBA students, and even a Surgeon General. And along the way, she has lead NPI, an organization she holds dear, through three strategic planning sessions.

So, what does she offer therapists at an NPI luncheon? Here’s the premise, see what you think…… People today spend a tremendous, oftentimes excessive, share of their lives at work. Consequently, therapists end up spending a fair amount of time listening to and trying to help clients understand issues that arise in the workplace. Quite a few therapists, however, have little or no personal experience working within organizations, and may therefore at times struggle to fully relate to their client’s professional dilemmas. Think of this NPI Luncheon session as Organization Life 101 or How to Help Your Clients Thrive within an Organization.

Now therapy, of course, is not just about giving advice, but you could save your clients a lot of unnecessary suffering if you knew and were able to give informed suggestions about: how to enter an organization, how to identify culture, how to manage one’s boss, how to advocate for oneself, how to influence others, what to know before taking an assessment. This session is an opportunity to begin to understand your client’s professional lives with more insight.