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About this event:

Created by npinashville@gmail.com

Scarritt Bennett Center 2nd Floor, Bennett Hall 1008 19th Ave. South Nashville, TN 37212
USD 30.00

Presented by B. Andrew Garner, M.Div., LMFT



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“Years ago, I attended a terrific wilderness survival school in the mountains of North Georgia. We learned the tools and skills of surviving, and then put them to the test. I remember our survival instructor stressing something very important: When you realize that you’re lost, take off your pack, sit down, get out your map, re-orient yourself, and make a plan. When we’re in a crisis or feeling lost, it’s often very helpful to consult a professional — to re-orient ourselves,  and make a plan for moving forward.”    – Andy Garner

Presenter’s Bio:
As a licensed psychotherapist with more than a decade of experience, Andy is one of only 10,000 mental health professionals worldwide trained in Brainspotting Therapy – a focused activation model of therapy designed to heal anxiety related issues quickly and permanently. Brainspotting Therapy (BSP) is incredibly effective for clients who are suffering from anxiety disorders, sports injury stress, and stage performance issues. Andy’s primary focus in the treatment modality of BSP is working with athletes at the high school, collegiate, semiprofessional, and professional levels. 

Andy will complete the 4th and final stage of BSP training with BSP pioneer Dr. David Grand, PhD. in Boulder, CO in July 2018, becoming one of the premier Brainspotting Professionals in the United States. Andy owns and operates Midtown Nashville Counseling LLC, consisting of himself, Abby K. Butler LMFT specializing in marriage counseling, Kristin W. Hibbett MMFT specializing in children’s therapy, and Corry M. Garner Certified Wellness Coach. 
An avid outdoorsman and lifetime athlete with numerous achievements, Andy most recently placed 4th in the State of Tennessee 2015 mountain bike racing and currently holds 3rd place in Tennessee for USA Archery, compound bow division. Having had his own share of sports injuries, and having served as the athlete “client” in Dr. David Grand’s BSP training videos, Andy brings his passion for competitors into his own private practice, primarily using BSP to enhance peak performance in his clients, and help heal the impact of repetitive sports injuries. Truly, the body keeps the score.

Andy lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and two children. They are an active family, focused on healthy living and simplicity. Andy and his family routinely retreat their beloved cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains, with no phone service, internet or TV in order to refresh and regroup.