Trauma and Compulsive Overeating

Trauma and Compulsive Overeating

‚ÄčTopic:  This group is for women who are dealing with  compulsive overeating/emotional eating and trauma backgrounds.  The group is process-oriented with some experiential work.


Increase ability to recognize body's signals regarding hunger
Recognize connections between   overeating and trauma triggers
Learn size acceptance
Counter media influences on self-worth
Encourage ability to give and receive accurate feedback to each other


Open or Closed group: Open at times (ongoing group)


Facilitators: Helen Romfh, LCSW and Susan Hammonds-White, LPC/MHSP


Meeting times/location/etc: Meets at Brentwood Counseling Associates, 5111 Maryland Way,Suite 1032 every other Thursday from 6-8.  $60 fee, no insurance accepted.


For more information contact Susan Hammonds-White at [email protected]