Ongoing Interpersonal Process Group for Adults - 2 Meeting times

Ongoing Interpersonal Process Group for Adults


  • Brief Description of Groups:

In this ongoing coed interpersonal therapy group, group members will develop and refine the skills to notice, understand and articulate their thoughts and feelings about themselves and others with the goal of increasing their capacity for healthy relationships.  This will be achieved through the process of developing relationships with other members in the group.  Because the therapy group is a microcosm of our day to day life, the challenges we experience in relationships outside of group play out in the group.  What's important about group therapy is that it gives us the opportunity to slow down and examine the interpersonal dynamics we are creating as we actually create them.  This, in turn, helps us develop insight and creates the opportunity for us to practice engaging in different ways.  


  • Location of Groups:

Music Row - Beech House

1208 17th Ave South

Nashville, TN 37212


  • When the Groups Meet:

Tuesday, 11-12:30, weekly

Tuesday, 1-2:30, weekly


  • Group Leader(s):

Zach Bryant, PhD 

Julia A McAninch, PsyD


  • Fees (if any):

$60 per group


  • Contact Info:

Zach Bryant:[email protected]



Julia McAninch:

[email protected]



**is this an open or closed group? If closed, is it ok to email the contact person to be placed on a waiting list for future openings?


Anyone interested can contact Zach or Julia to discuss availability and set up a free consultation.