NPI List Serve - A Benefit of Membership

NPI Listserv Policy & Guidelines


This is a service provided free of charge to all NPI members in good standing with limitations:

  • No announcements that are political or religious in nature.
  • No announcements containing material found to disparage or discriminate against a person, place or thing.
  • NPI reserves the right to reject inappropriate material. 
  • NPI will avoid posting material not of professional quality
  • NPI is not responsible for the content, services or person/s making any listing.
  • Non-NPI Member Professional persons may post on the NPI List Serve if they have an NPI member’s professional recommendation (given to the Executive Coordinator).


  • The content needs to be brief (3-4 sentences).
  • Any fliers or lengthy word documents must be uploaded to the web (ie, or google drive) and sent in the form of a weblink or url.
  • JPG or PNG images of practice logo are accepted.  
  • Postings will generally be made once per day by the NPI Executive Coordinator.
  • If soliciting a therapist referral for a client, therapist should only provide limited identifying clinical information.  Limited information can include age range, gender, diagnostic issues and insurance provider.  
  • NPI members may post announcements concerning upcoming events with the following limitations:
    • Only two announcements per event may be posted. (NPI reserves the right to post more than twice for NPI sponsored events.)
    • If additional exposure is requested, members may also post the event in the “Events” section of the web-site no earlier than six weeks prior to the event.
    • Educational events are posted to the website.
    • One email with all CEU events is posted weekly.


To post to the NPI Listserve, please send an email to Anna Rushworth, NPI Executive Coordinator, by clicking HERE.