March 2017 - NEW Group - Scary Close, NY Time Best Seller - Limited Spaces


New Group Opportunity:
Our 3rd "Scary Close" group is officially on the books. Register NOW, group spaces will fill capacity!

There are many reasons vulnerability can be scary. It’s unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and for some, past experiences make the thought of  intimate connection terrifying. When we have been conditioned to act, look, think or speak in certain ways in order to be loved and accepted, we begin living life from a false sense of self.  All too often this mask becomes so protective and familiar we lose who we really are.


This Interpersonal Psychotherapy Group is based on content from New York Times Best-Selling Author, Donald Miller’s book, Scary Close. During group process time, selected chapters will be used as a starting point for discussion and exploration. Leaders use an integrative approach to facilitate group cohesion and create a safe environment to drop the mask and learn to let love in.  For the purpose of confidentiality and to focus on who you are, rather than what you do, we ask that you use only first names and refrain from disclosing your profession.  Participants, who are currently in therapy, will leave with an after care plan to take back to their individual therapists.

$60 per session or $600 if prepaid ($50 per session, Savings of $120)

BIO: Kaci Allen received her undergraduate degree in Music Business and Marketing from Belmont University and earned a 4.0 completing a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lipscomb University.  She is on the board of the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute and has received advanced training in facilitating groups, from an integrative approach, utilizing advanced psychodrama and experiential techniques as well as from a modern psychoanalytic approach.  She has trained personally with Dr. Gerald Corey, Professor Emeritus, Cal State Fullerton and Jeff Hudson, Fellow with the American Group Psychotherapy Association, Austin Texas.  Kaci works with a variety of clients in her practice ( and is one of the top clinicians in the country who works with professional Athletes and Entertainers, and their families, both from a performance psychology and clinical standpoint.  Her office is located in Nashville TN on Music Row. (

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