Feb132015 NPI Lunch and Learn: Betrayal in Psychotherapy
            NPI Lunch and Learn, February 13, 2015                  Betrayal in Psychotherapy              Panel Discussion with Sonya Thomas, Linda Odom,      ... View Event
Feb282015 NPI Connection Retreat (formerly Smorgasboard)
    NPI CONNECTION RETREAT (formerly Smorgasboard) February 28th - March 1st, 2015 Henry Horton State Park Friends and colleagues!  Come join us at the 2015 Connection Retreat for a great time of fellowship and fun at scenic Henry Horton State Park.  This is a chance to engage with fellow NPI members in new and enjoyable ways as we build community together.  You... View Event
May022015 NPI Spring Workshop: Bruce Rogers-Vaughn, Ph.D. presents "The Neoliberal Unconscious: Psychotherapy in a Traumatogenic Society"
       THE NASHVILLE PSYCHOTHERAPY INSTITUTE                        2015 SPRING WORKSHOP                            The Neoliberal Unconscious:              Psychotherapy in a Traumatogenic Society... View Event