Apr102015 NPI April Luncheon - Dr. Natalie Campo: Integrative and Holistic Psychiatry: A new Perspective on Healing and Mental Health
Bennett Hall at Scaritt Bennett
1008 19th Avenue South
Nashville , TN 37212
Integrative medicine combines traditional, conventional medicine with evidence-based natural remedies that are proven safe and effective. It acknowledges that the mind and the body are inseparable and that this connection promotes powerful healing and well-being.  The holistic techniques used by integrative psychiatry have already begun to shift the way we view... View Event
May022015 NPI Spring Workshop: Bruce Rogers-Vaughn, Ph.D. presents "The Neoliberal Unconscious: Psychotherapy in a Traumatogenic Society"
       THE NASHVILLE PSYCHOTHERAPY INSTITUTE                        2015 SPRING WORKSHOP                            The Neoliberal Unconscious:              Psychotherapy in a Traumatogenic Society... View Event