Feb282014 NPI Connection Retreat (formerly Smorgasboard)
    NPI CONNECTION RETREAT (formerly Smorgasboard) February 28th - March 1st, 2015 Henry Horton State Park Join us for a weekend of connection and community at scenic Henry Horton State Park.  Highlights of the weekend include: 3 hour talk by David Dark Saturday morning: "Weird Religious Background: Mine, Yours, Everyone Else's" 3 hour talk... View Event
Jan092015 NPI Lunch and Learn: Psychotherapy Research for the Practicing Clinician
PSYCHOTHERAPY RESEARCH FOR THE PRACTICING CLINICIAN Jeffrey L. Binder, Ph.D., ABPP NPI Luncheon Talk, January 9, 2015 In the healthcare field, third party payers, professional organizations, and clients increasingly expect clinicians to engage in “evidence-based” practice. This means that in addition to clinical experience, practitioners must be familiar with the empirical evidence... View Event