• Referral information is supplied solely by the facilities and providers themselves and is not verified or warranted by the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute.The directory comprises members of  the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute. Members pay annual membership dues and must fill out a detailed questionnaire and receive approval from the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute before they are included in the directory.
  • The Nashville Psychotherapy Institute is not a health care provider and does not provide medical advice or treatment. Although the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute provides a list of resources for individual providers and therapy groups, it does not screen or evaluate the facilities or providers in any way. The Nashville Psychotherapy Institute does not screen, evaluate, or consider the Medicare/Medicaid status of these providers.
  • The Nashville Psychotherapy Institute does not recommend or endorse any of the listed providers or therapy groups. You are responsible for interviewing and selecting a suitable provider or group therapist, and you should contact providers or group therapists directly for relevant information, including information on insurance coverage.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute suggests that you seek the advice of a parent/guardian or other adult in considering providers. By requesting this list of resources, you understand and agree that the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute is in no way responsible for the acts, omissions, or services of any of the providers, groups, or research studies, or for any other actions take based upon information provided by the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute.