DBT Groups at Psyche

Group Opportunities at PSYCHÄ“
PSYCHÄ“ is accepting new members into several skills classes. Clients must have a referring provider and sign a 24-32 week commitment (based on class curriculum). We have several options available to accommodate schedules and populations.
DBT Skills Training Group helps members build a life worth living, teaching modules of mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation.
Adult DBT Group
Monday 5pm-630pm
Wednesday 6pm-730pm
Friday (Online) Noon-1pm
Adolescent DBT Group
Wednesday 4pm-530pm
Thursday 4pm-530pm
Adolescent/Caregiver DBT Group
Saturday 10am-1130am
Tuesday 6pm-730pm (Starting Late Fall)
RO-DBT Skills Class teaches "bottom up" emotion regulation to create social safety and connectedness. RO-DBT helps members build and sustain their life worth sharing. 
RO-DBT Class (Ages 16+)
Saturday 10am-1130am
Couples Skills Training combines DBT and RO-DBT Skills to increase effective communication and authentic connection. 
Couples Skills Training
Monday 530pm-7pm (Starting Late Fall)
For more information, referrals or providers may call 615-274-8400 or email [email protected]


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