Tom Rhodes

Tom Rhodes
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I hold a master’s degree in counseling psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies. With fourteen years of clinical experience, I am dedicated and skilled in helping others deepen in their own inherent presence and wisdom, toward alleviating symptoms such as anxiety, depression, break-up crisis, and conflict and disconnection in intimate relationships. I am most interested in the truth, both in my own life personally, and in exploring and connecting with my clients as a therapist. Through my own lived experience, I am ever deepening in my trust that in telling the truth and feeling the vulnerability that can come with it on the relative level, however painful it may be in the moment, we open ourselves up to that which is more fundamental than our suffering, to our one true heart of being. In fact, I believe it is only THAT in all of us which is truly able to unconditionally accept, touch, and thus transform such deep suffering in us. It is my experience that in the very seeing and being with our anxiety in response to what is, this anxiety receives our blessing to shift out of suffering and into fullness of being.

In working with couples, while I definitely do focus on communication skills, I have found that what seems to be most helpful, the crux of the work, is to strengthen the attachment bond in the relationship, often impacted strongly by each persons earlier attachments as young children. I support the two of you through this process largely by helping you say, and feel, «the most true thing, which is often hiding underneath the anger and frustration which has brought so many to seek couples counseling. I can help you express yourselves, hear your partner, and be heard by your partner, from the heart. So often we hear from our minds only and the stories and beliefs they create about both who we are, and who our partner, husband or wife is. When we do this, we arent able to truly connect in relationship. This can create all sorts of struggles and often deep pain and longing in relationships. This disconnection can end up looking like feeling quietly bored or annoyed around each other, ready to fight at the drop of a hat, cheating on your spouse, or feeling anxious and depressed when you are in their presence. I want you to know that there is help. I love helping people find out first-hand, in a deep and lasting way, that the one theyre with, and they themselves, are worth investing in, wholeheartedly and with both feet in. What gets in the way of that happening is not your fault, and yet, only you can change it. Working together in your relationship, there is not only hope but a strong chance of lasting repair and a true reclaiming of your hearts in action. I enjoy working with all phases of relationships, from per-marital to recently married, to married long ago, with or without children. I am also very happy to work with couples in the LGBTQ community and am very much an ally.
Solo Private Practice (part time)
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
I also love working with adult individuals. Similarly to what Ive mentioned above with couples work, I find that whatever is «not working in the current adult lives of people who come to me for therapy, is often in part a reflection of what hasnt been resolved from earlier experiences and relationships from childhood with primary caregivers. I can help you connect the dots in a relevant way, and in a way that engages a seeing and experiencing from the heart, in addition to the mind. Ultimately, my work with clients involves «closing the gap between the mind and heart, and helping them engage life and relationships more and more from that clear and undivided place within. Along with how I show up and relate to them in the room, over time this tends to naturally resolve the presenting problems that bring people to seeking therapy with me. Some presenting issues I specialize in and enjoy working with are being single and struggling to find relationship, going through a divorce or break up, anxiety, and spiritual crisis.
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